Hello and thank you for visiting my website. A little “About Me….” I am originally from the Midwest. I love the color red, cars, artwork, music, writing, animals, people, going the extra mile, thinking outside of the box, and working efficiently no matter what the task. My husband and I relocated to Northern Colorado with our four year old yellow lab eight years ago, now we have a one year old yellow lab puppy, as well! We absolutely love living in such a beautiful place and are very thankful for the opportunity. Aside from working, we enjoy exploring the state, each weekend is like a field trip; skiing, tubing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, concerts, theatre, etc., we believe in a “Work Hard, Play Hard” balance. Making the most of every day is our objective!

As a senior consultant, I have been a business analyst, organizational development analyst, multimedia analyst, learning theory analyst, project manager, project coordinator, program communicator, support assistant, graphic designer, photographer, public speaker, software trainer, management mentor and higher education advocate throughout the last twenty years to a a variety of fortune 50 companies, working with resources world-wide, in all time zones, multiple languages, and within a variety of collaborative environments/industries.

My professional areas of concentration include Systems Integration, Project Management and Coordination, Organizational Change, Communications, Education/Training, Marketing, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Instructional Design.